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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – One Day on The Way Out, Three Days on The Way Back

“Finally. With this, all that racket over the monster “Unknown” will now be over.”

Why did the Octolov, which was supposed to be a sea-dwelling monster, appear in a small village deep in the mountains? Leaving the mystery to the researchers, Schild and Carney left the scene with a sense of pride that they had done their job well.

All that was left to do was to return to the capital, report to the head of the female branch of the Subjugators Guild, Lirica, and receive their reward.

However, on the way back, Schild and Carney took way longer than before going towards the village, even though they are backtracking the same route.


It took them one day to get from the royal capital to the small village where they were supposed to work. To be precise, they left early in the morning and arrived before nightfall, so it was actually a half-day trip. But on the way back. Even though they traveled the same path and same distance, even after two days and two nights, they still haven’t reached the gates of the capital.

Even though there is no reason to rush back now that the monster threat has been defeated, why are they taking so long to get there?

The reason was very simple.


The third day of their return trip.

This morning, the female knight Carney started the day by receiving Schild’s manhood in her vagina.

Yesterday and the day before, it was also the same thing, having outdoor sex like it was usual.

The two were in the woods a little bit off the main road that connects the village to the royal capital, but as the road only connects the royal capital to the small village, and because of the chaos brought by the monster on the latter, there were no passersby at all.

Therefore, knowing that they won’t have to worry about being seen by anyone, nothing held them back anymore, and the two repeatedly feasted themselves on each other’s bodies, even in the open air, and even in the bright of the day.

Just a few days ago, Carney had been a virgin, but after these two days, she already had as much sex as what the prostitute has in their peak days.

Though the number of people she has experienced is still one person. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

“L-Lord Schild……let’s, hurry up……♡ to our destination♡♡♡♡”

Carney reminded for the umpteenth time, as this has happened many times since the first day they started journeying home. But like the usual, it was drowned out by her own enticing gasps.

“Lord Schild……♡ Really, you are hopeless…I can’t believe you’re asking me this again……♡♡♡ I barely even have time to take a rest, you know……aaaaaahhh♡♡♡♡”

When they first met, Carney was dressed up and acted like a man and kept on professing that she has long abandoned her femininity for her job.

Even at this moment, she was still stubborn on claiming that, but at the same time, she was panting hard from her ass as it got repeatedly nailed by Schild’s throbbing member.

“I have……already gave up……being a woman……♡ That’s why, I’ll be troubled……if you have sex……with me often……♡ Aah, so good…♡♡♡ This is bad, but it just feels……so gooood♡♡♡♡”

And just like that, the two proceeded like this as they go along the road that connects them to the royal capital.


The journey home, to sum up, was almost entirely filled with sex between Schild and Carney.

Each time he felt his dick standing up, Schild takes Carney into the grass and pushes her down right away.

The only time they were able to move to their destination is when Schild was basking himself in his post-nut clarity. But for some reason, after a set of time, he’ll begin to feel horny again, pushing Carney down on the grass and repeating the process once again.

And because Carney didn’t put up much of a fight and let the man have sex with her without a second thought, it didn’t help them in this situation at all.

Of course, in truth, Carney has already taken a liking to it as well, but because of her upbringing, she still finds it hard to confess it, so in the end, she could only express herself in those fake fusses.

This is why their return to the capital has been delayed for so long, even though it was only half a day distance away.

Ahiiin♡♡ Ahiuuunn♡♡ It’s coming out♡ Your semen is coming out inside me again♡♡♡♡”

Byuku byuku byuku…… Carney received another vaginal ejaculation for the umpteenth time from the man.

After being ‘tortured’ intensively with pleasure for the past few days, She no longer had a shred of virgin embarrassment left compared to her former self.

“Lord Schild……just how many days do you intend us to delay our way back to the capital? Do you have any idea how many times you’ve cum inside me so far?”

“I’ve already lost count. Should I have used ink or something to write the number of times we did it on your ass?” If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.


As she said this, Carney went in for Schild’s lips again.

It was an intense kiss between two lovers.

“You did it fifty-seven times. You have fucked me over and over even though I have long abandoned being a woman. Just what do you intend to do here?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m intending to return you your desires of being a woman. Then I’m gonna turn you into my woman. MY woman only.”

Schild then crawled his hands over the peaking breasts and buttocks at his front.


“I can’t let a fine woman like you stop being a woman. That’s why I’m going to give you a thorough pounding and make you aware of how good it is on being one, and show you how amazing your body is……whether it’s your tits, your ass, your pussy……everything.”

Once again, Schild inserted himself into Carney’s gushing crack, making the knightly woman moan like a beast, then ravaged its insides once more.

Though it was still counted as morning, the position of the sun is already high up in the sky.

“Now then, shall we review what I taught you yesterday and the day before?”


Carney then knelt down on all fours right in front of Schild, who is currently standing on his knees, and put her face close to his exposed lower body of the man. Then, she slurped up the erect penis that was raging hard with blood throbbing in its veins.

“Nmuuu♡ hamuu♡ juchuuu……♡♡”

Violently, she moved her mouth back and forth while sucking on it, but compared to a prostitute, the speed of her movements was much, much faster, that even Schild didn’t expect this would come from a prim and properly-trained knight.

“This is a fellatio♡♡ And this is……♡♡”

Once Carney removed her mouth from the penis, which was now coated by her own saliva, she quickly followed up by squeezing them in between her ample breasts.

As if a kid demonstrating what she learned from the teacher’s lessons, Carney explained what she had learned in front of Schild, one by one. The only difference is that what she showed is far inappropriate and immoral, and shouldn’t be done by kids.

Carney rubbed the rod violently but with an accustomed motion, showing that she had practiced a lot before this.


But even at this point, no matter how many times he saw them, Schild couldn’t help but wonder how she was able to fit her huge bazongers in that breastplate, even though the latter had already explained it to him.

“And this is a tit-fuck……♡♡ All of them are taught by you, Lord Schild……And along the way, I have already mastered them completely♡♡”

Carney spoke in a way as if she’s asking to be praised for what she has done.

Her acts were that of a prostitute. There was already no trace of the dignified knight that she was when she’s still acting as a man.

At first, she used to refuse a blow job, saying she didn’t want to have such a dirty thing in her mouth, and she also refused to have her breasts fucked because she thought they were too big.

Now, however, she is even willing to do both on her own.

This was all the result of being trained by him.

As a reward, Schild stroked Carney’s head, and the latter narrowed her eyes like a cat.

“Thank you, Lord Schild. I like it when you praise me when I do something good.“

“In that case, you should already know what I want you to do next.”


Carney’s eyes could only widen in surprise. Then, all of a sudden, she blushed.

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