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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 1 Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – The ‘Nasty’ Mist from the ‘Unknown’

Schild was suddenly struck by a grieving pain. Still, as he is a mercenary and dealing with pain goes hand-in-hand with his job, not to mention he is a lot stronger than a feeble and thin villager woman, he managed to escape from Millie’s clutches and was able to run outside.

However, it was that moment when he saw a scenery that was beyond extraordinary.

Everyone in the village was having sex.

“Aaaaaaaaaahh♡♡♡ Nhooooooouu♡♡♡”

“It’s so good♡♡♡ It feels so goood♡♡”

“Nhooo♡ nhaa♡ I luv iiht♡♡♡”

It’s a small village with a population of less than thirty people, but all the women there have already taken off their underwear and are shaking their hips everywhere, regardless of whether they are outdoors or not. The scene was nothing short of bizarre.

As a visitor to the village, Schild had no choice but to be amazed.

“Was it a peculiar custom of this village……wait, no, that’s not it!”


Schild quickly made an assumption that it was the case, but he also denied that at the same speed when he saw the villagers’ eyes.

There were only pure madness in them.

“Come ooonn♡♡♡ Yesssh, oohoooooooo♡♡♡♡”

“Nha, ooh, oooh, ooooooh♡♡♡♡”

Whether they were moaning or wheezing, it was already impossible to distinguish.

What was even stranger was that only the women were happily shaking their hips, while the men were gasping in agony.

“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!”

“Stop it! My whole body’s falling apart. ……!”

“Please don’t go too hard on my hips! I’m going to die if this continues……!”

Normally, it would be the case that the man would happily shake his hips, and the woman would cry while being violated.

But the scene unfolding now is the opposite. The women are straddling the men, who are unable to move while screaming in pain, and raising and lowering their hips wherever they can. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

“What the hell is all this commotion ……?”

The village is full of sex, and although it sounds heavenly on the surface, it was nothing but hellish in truth because the involved were not only young women but also old women who look like they are about to die while shaking their hips.

“Esteemed gueeeest♡♡♡”

As Schild was overwhelmed by the scene, a naked Millie came at him from behind.

“Sex, please let me have sex!! ♡♡ My pussy is so hungry right now, so please fill it with lots of your semen♡♡♡”


Schild reflexively dodged the hit and made a counterattack, stunning the woman to unconsciousness. From that point, he no longer held any doubt that this is an abnormal situation.

“Women becoming sluts and men are in extreme pain……”

Schild was also becoming more and more aware of the dull ache in his joints. The pain is getting worse and worse.

However, in his brain, something was combining together like several pieces of a puzzle.

“A monster that fits this description…… That’s it!”

Immediately, Schild rushed out, with his signature sword in hand – that and nothing else.

He ran in a straight line, passing through the villagers who were madly loving each other. Even after leaving the village grounds, he was still running.

“Mister Schild!”

Suddenly, a voice from behind stopped Schild.

As he turned around in a gallop, he saw the knight’s armor that he was already familiar with.

“Carney! You can still move?”

“What do you mean I could still move. Also, what’s going o-eh, hiiiii!?”

Carney was shocked and horrified when he saw Schild up close and personal.

“Why are you naked? What happened to your clothes?”

“I was in the middle of having sex, so I got no choice! Also, we’re running out of time, so bringing out a sword is all I could do!”

And if Schild’s guess was correct, he himself would also soon be in so much pain that he would not be able to move.

In fact, at this moment, Schild is experiencing a level of pain that is already unbearable for a normal person, and the only thing that was holding him in place was the mental strength he has developed in his many battles.

He has already not the time nor the leisure to get properly dressed.

“Carney! Cover your mouth and nose with whatever cloth you can find! We are being sprayed with a poisonous mist!!”

“Poisonous mist?”

“If I’m not mistaken, the monster that appeared in this village……is an Octolov!”


It is an octopus-shaped monster that is mainly seen in coastal areas. They live in the water and rarely come up to the land, so they only appear along the coast.

For this reason, it’s no wonder the Subjugators Guild in the royal capital has no data on it.

“But why is it classified as a mysterious monster until now? Also, how did you know of such a thing!?”

“I traveled in lots of places before I reached the capital. I even had a run-in with an octolov that showed up in a port town.”

“So, what kind of opponent are we dealing with?”

Schild and Carney talked to each other as they run through the animal trails outside the village.

The knight had no idea where they were going; it was just following Schild as he ran.


“The main feature of Octolov is that it disperses a poisonous mist with a special effect. It is colorless and almost transparent, and has no smell, so it is virtually undetectable. It lures the prey in with that and captures them.”

“Prey? What prey?”

“Women. For those things, a human woman is the best treat.”

For this reason, the octolov developed a very strange poison in its process of evolution. Different genders have completely different effects.

“If it’s a woman, she will become a whore and go mad in pleasure, while if it’s a man, he will suffer in pain as every nerve in his body gets affected. Octolovs spray such mist near the water and picks on those who breathe it clean.”

If it is a woman who has inhaled the poisonous mist, she will lose her mind due to the stimulation of her sexual nerves, and will move closer to where the toxin is thicker – where the octolov is – in order to get greater pleasure.

On the other hand, the man won’t be able to move from the spot due to the intense pain.

“But the village girl who was interviewed at the chief’s house never said a word about it!?”

“Of course, she would be hiding it, same as with the other villager women. Even a girl who’s used to opening her legs in front of customers would find it hard to say to someone she’s never met before that “Hey, I met a monster, and my pussy became all wet and squishy all of a sudden.” She will definitely get some kinky stares from that. Maybe from that, they also chose to state it in a similar way as the men felt.” This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

So, in conclusion, Millie and the other women lied about being in extreme pain. This fictional identification made the Octolov into more and more an unidentified “Unknown”.

“True, as no one would expect to see an Octolov this deep in the mountains, there’s no way these villagers would have known. Even I was surprised in hearing it, but that still doesn’t explain t-this s-scenic and bizarre situation!”

“The octolov must have been forced to go through a lot of trial and error in this unfamiliar place,” spoke Schild as he recalled some researcher saying that these things always ate underwater, because the digestive juices it secreted only worked when they reacted with seawater.

Usually, octolovs do this if they struggle to lure prey into the shore. Lack of food and intense will to survive usually became their driving force to approach land, which is not even their domain, then set traps for any unlucky prey once they found a body of water to settle on, becoming a hunter to prey villagers such as Millie – with its poisonous mist that takes away their sanity.

However, this octolov’s mutation ironically, made it even harder for it to survive. Its mist might have evolved so much that the sexual urges caused by it turned out to be too much to handle by its preys, that all of them immediately passed out after losing their mind instead of being lured to its location.

Unable to carry his prey to the water in his unfamiliar terrestrial activities, the octolov failed to hunt again and again.

Reaching the end of its patience due to hunger and frustration……this might have urged the creature to launch its last resort.

And that was to spread this toxic mist all out.

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