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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Prologue


Warning. What you are about to read is an Ero-Novel, an adult novel that focuses more on sex, erotic plays, fetishes, and the like in a medieval fantasy setting. The plot here is secondary and almost deemed as an extra, as it is in other ero-novels. This is a novel with sex as its main focus. If you come here expecting something other than that, then stop here. This novel is not for you.

All things have a beginning.

Where does a human being begin to become human?

Is it soon as they gain sentience, when they start to have clear memories?

Or is it when they are separated from their mothers’ bodies through giving birth?

If we dare to question, we will be brought with different answers. Lots of them.

But before we seek the roots of these mysteries, we should talk about first the fact that such an act of questioning had actually happened.

In a certain world, there was a king.

In that world, the role of the king was not only to rule but also to fight against the demons that attacked his country.

At that time, the king went near the border to intercept the monster army led by the Demon Lord, so he set up his frontline base in a remote village nearby.

After slashing dozens of monsters with his own hands, he returned to that village base, with the heat brought by the battle still intact.

Not wishing to be rude to the king in his way, he attacked and raped one of the village girls who had come up to him for personal care, being carried away by the excitement of the battlefield.


After all the passions had passed and he had regained his composure, the king was dismayed for what he had done.

For he had poured the royal bloodline, which should be shared only with the chosen ones, into such a peasant woman whose family name was unknown.

The king told the village girl not to speak of what had happened that night, and that she must never ever, ever tell anyone about it.

If she were to do it, he would have to take her life.

After that, he gave her his sword.

“If the child grows up well and asks his origins, make him come to me with this sword. Until then, all must never know who his father is, not even the child. The qualification for that must be grasped by the child himself!”

And that was the beginning.

Skillfully utilizing all his closest subjects, the king firmly took care of the womb of the nameless village girl, and on the tenth month, a robust male baby was born, all while they cleverly hide the fact of what the king had done to his precious bloodline.

……Not knowing that this child will be the leading character of the upcoming era later on.

Twenty years later, upon finally growing up a man, the boy named Schild will then start his true life in earnest.

This was his story.

With the order not to reveal his father’s name, Schild had to live with persecution as a fatherless child.

Where they were living was a countryside village far away from the royal capital.

After repelling an onslaught from the demon army once, the second onslaught never came, and thus the kingdom’s army never visited this place again after that incident.

Yet In this stiflingly cold but peaceful village, Schild grew up under the scornful eyes of many people.

They call his mother a slut who gave herself up to an unknown man and even got pregnant, and the child she gave birth to a no-good bastard. But what’s even worse is that you are reading it from an aggregate site.

For the villagers, this was the just perception and treatment of the mother and child.

And as Schild grew up, he gradually began to understand the meaning of these cold stares on them.

The more he realized, the more his character deteriorated, and eventually he became the worst problem child in the village.

However, it only added fuel to the worsening fury of the masses. Instead of changing their ways for the child, this behavior even made the villagers’ “wise elders” to actively push Schild’s mother to marry, all in order to break the connection to the problem child and provide a “legitimate act” of them evicting the boy to the village.

The mother resisted at first, but as she was only a woman with no backing, adding the tiredness of the tribulations she had with the child, eventually, she gave in and married a man who had a good job and rich fortune in the village.

Naturally, Schild became an obstacle to the new man of the house.

Her mother’s marriage partner said he would not support this child, and with the long-awaited intention of the villagers, Schild was forced to leave the village.

Before leaving, his mother took this chance to give him the sword that the king had given to her.

She said to him,

“This was given to me by your father. I was told to give it to you when you are old enough to be a man.”

In reality, Schild was still far from being a full-fledged person, but as his mother’s face was filled with impatience to be freed from ‘the nuisance’ as soon as possible, he had no choice but to accept.

Schild already knew even at that age that this was the best for her mother who was tired of being confronted by a group of people called the village. And that his existence was the root cause of it all.

―So who exactly is my father? Why? Why are you reading this from an unauthorized site?

Schild tried to ask for the final time, but in the end, the question only went up to his throat and back to the bottom of his stomach, not even reaching the tip of his tongue.


It was a question that had naturally came to Schild’s mind ever since he gained the ability to think and one that he had asked his mother many times in the past.

However, his mother had never given him an answer to that question, not even once.

She definitely would not answer this time either.

In the end, Schild chose to give up everything, including his mother.

He left the village where he was born and raised at the age of thirteen, the same desolate countryside village that boasted only the fact that the king had stayed there thirteen years before.

The only thing he carried was a sword.

Her mother said it was left for him by his father, the same father whose name and face she did not dare to tell.

He had no reason to carry such a thing, but then a goal began to take shape in Schild’s mind.

Yes, he didn’t know his name.

Yes, he didn’t know his face.

Yet, that kind of being was a father, who had left his mother and himself behind in such a cold village like this.

Moreover, he even has the gall to leave behind such a grand sword with instructions such as, “If you want to see me, come to the capital.”

If that’s what he wants, I’ll go see him.

Then, I’ll smash his head with this sword that he left behind.

Though this father was the reason why he was cast out by the village, this became Schild’s new purpose of living, and with that, he left for the capital.

Seven years have passed since then.

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