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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Extra Stories Chapter 8

Extra Chapters ・ For the Commemoration of the Release of the Second Book of the Light Novel Version

Chapter 8 – Committing the Female Property Owner, Argolina 2

“Mmouu~ What do I have to do to make you fuck me? Please, my pussy is already dripping hard♡♡ It’s so thirsty for your cock milk♡♡♡♡”

Argolina, whose pleasure had been cut off in the middle, was going crazy.

Although she comforted herself with her own hands, it was not enough. She needed a penis to experience the pinnacle of pleasure.

And it’s not just some riffraff’s penis she needs. It has to be of a peerless warrior of a thousand strong.

Yes, it must be the penis that is in front of her.

“Of what you said earlier…. I heard it.”

Argolina spoke once again.

She was already trembling in her voice.

“You said you didn’t like my attitude, right? If so, then I’ll change it. I’ll change it for you!!”

On the next, she dropped to her knees. Then bowed her head deep down.

Naked, she rubbed her elbows, palms, and forehead on the floor, now covered with her juices and piss.

She had big breasts, so even those were touching the floor as if they were pushing against it.


“I’m not a big shot, not a high-class lady and overlord of this city♡♡ I’m a slut who wants your cock so bad she can’t wait to get it♡♡ Yes, in truth, I am but a sow who wants to be fucked…♡♡♡♡”

Argolina shouted words of self-abasement, though it seemed to be laced with masochistic sexual desires at the same time.

“I’m a sow who squeals because she wants cock♡♡ Please feed this pig♡♡ Please feed me with your cock in my pussy♡♡♡♡ I am a whore♡♡ I am a whore with loose crotch♡♡ That’s why I want cock so much♡♡♡♡ So please give it to me faasst♡♡♡♡”

From here, Schild moved.

He picked up Argolina, still on her knees, and positioned her on the couch.

Then, he again thrust his rage into her from this missionary position.

“Nhyaaaaaaaahh♡♡ Here at last♡♡♡♡ The huge diiicckk♡♡♡♡♡”

Once again, Argolina, humiliated and abused by the vaginal assault, was overcome with rapture.

“Shoo gooood♡♡♡♡ Oohhh♡♡ Nohohohooooooooh♡♡♡♡ It feelsh sho good I’m gonna moan like a pig agaain♡♡ Nononoooooonnk♡♡♡♡”

And as she declared, Argolina called out a series of epithets of a feral, snarling variety.

“Nohohohohoooonkk♡♡ Nhooooonnkkk♡♡ Yesh♡♡ Fuck me♡♡ Fuck me deeeepp♡♡♡♡ It’s sho embarasshing, but I love iiiitt♡♡ I love it when I’m getting fucked deeeppp♡♡♡♡♡♡”

She was no longer a wealthy woman who ruled the city with authoritative power. She is now but a sexually active whore. If you a re ab le to re ad thi s m ess age, yo u are r ead ing from an unauth ori zed agg rega te sit e. Re ad at my Wo rdPres s at st ab bing wi th a syr in ge. ho me. bl og to su p port me and my tran slat io ns.

This vulgar behavior of Argolina stimulated Schild, and as a result, he soon felt the pressure of his seed crawling up from his scrotum to his urethra.

Argolina, sensing this, immediately cried out to him.

“Insiiiide♡♡ Please, dump it all inside my pussy♡♡ I don’t care if I get pregnant♡♡ As long as I have that irretrievable cum inside of meee♡♡♡♡

Blurt. Splurt, splurt, splurt, splurt.

As requested, the spewed semen was poured into Argolina’s womb.

The sensation arose in Schild’s brain as if he were spitting phlegm into a spittoon.

Just not with his mouth, but with his cock.

“Ahieeeeeeeeeee♡♡ I’m being creampied♡♡♡♡ Moreover, by a man I just met♡♡ And it feelsh sho good to be dirtied by his semen♡♡♡♡”

After that was said and done, Schild left the room, leaving Argolina behind.

He opens the door and quietly closes it.

However, soon as he turned on his back, he spotted something, or someone, in the hallway.

It was a sexy, muscular female body, and it was leaning against the wall of the room where he just nailed Argolina.

Though she was leaning in a cool pose, it was obvious in her reddened face that she was eavesdropping.

“You really are a bottomless pit. You fucked me so much yesterday, and yet you are still not content that you even fucked Ms. Argolina!?”

“I can’t help it. That’s how attractive you guys are.”

Yes. The one waiting outside the room was none other than Bram, the female subjugator who specializes in the sea.

She was fidgeting with her crotch, probably because she had heard many arousing voices through the walls.


“I misjudged you. To think you would keep such an important issue a secret in exchange for sex. So, that’s it? The crisis that threatened to wipe out the port city of Rivasa, you’ll just sweep it under the waves, together with the carcass of the monster? And even through all that, she will get away with it, securing her position even more in this city?”

“But you are here.”

Schild spoke calmly.

“You know everything. You can tell the Guild all about it. You’re the one who took the job in the first place. You have the right to press charges.”

“You… No way. All that sex with that woman was for this? You were expecting me all along?”

Argolina may think she has sealed Schild’s mouth by selling her body to him. And she was right. Schild will keep his mouth sealed on the issue.

He cannot say the same about the other mouths, though.

Then again, if this comes to public from Bram’s mouth, the next place Schild would be able to fuck Argolina would be at her cell if she was still alive and not executed.

“I am not gonna act like a man of justice to this. This arrangement, what is right and what is wrong, should be figured out by the people of this land. I’m a stranger, and as such, I shouldn’t interfere.”

“You’re still going to stay out of this!? Though I am not in the right to say this, Argolina is still an influential person, you know? If you keep sucking on her, you could also become a considerably powerful figure in the land.”

“Sorry, but I’m more of a tumbleweed. I am a wanderer by nature.”

Despite a chance to have a better future, Schild had already decided to leave the area.

His time to depart is when ties are being formed. Or he will never be able to leave.

That’s why accordance with his schedule, Schild will leave the area by the end of tonight. This ch ap ter trans lat ion is ma de pos si ble by stab bi ng with a syr ing e tra nslati ons. ch eck only up-to-da te trans lati ons on my Word pr ess si te.

“All right, I’ll think of what to do with that woman. But I still have one last favor to ask of you, Schild.”

“What is it?”

Bram’s face was red hot when she asked this, but right after, she began to take off the clothes she was wearing.

Then, with her body fully bare, she turned her firm and taught buttocks to Schild.


“I got aroused again when I heard you guys having sex. So before you leave, put your cock in my pussy one more time♡♡”

And so, just like earlier, a woman’s sexy moans and the sounds of sweaty ass clapping against each other resounded in the office corridors, only this time it wasn’t the owner that was moaning, but their hired hand.

Schild then departed, and since then, no rumors carried by the winds about the City of Rivasa reached him, including what troubles may or may not have occurred in the area by the time he was gone.

…and he soon reached the royal capital, his end destination.

This is the end of the special edition. I hope you enjoyed it.

Please look out for the second volume of “After being Abandoned, the Bastard of the Royal Family turned out to be the Strongest, and is now Embracing every Woman with He Likes with his Extraordinary Prowess,” which is currently on sale!

Translator Notes

Well, another novel translation project was finished yet again. Thank you guys for all your support. I couldn’t have done it without you, especially the folks that supported me on Patreon. Again, thank you very much.

But while the web novel has now been brought to a close, the Light novel version is still far from finished, considering the story only covers up until volume 2 of the Web novel. Assuming 1 book = 1 Webnovel volume, there should still be 4 books before it ends. There could even be a change in the storyline as the Light novel proceeds with its own plot. If the sales go well, that is. Don’t get your hopes up for an urgent release, though.

Anyways, it was a lot of hard work translating this novel. This was the author’s first work, so it was inevitable that the mistakes are many, but seriously, I spent more time editing (read: overhauling) the story rather than just translating it for the readers.

There are several times when I cut off a whole chapter because of redundancy, and there are times that I made up several more ‘chapters’ because the author didn’t put any exposition and lore at all. Sometimes I even switched the order of the chapters. Many times the POV changes from the third person to Schild’s POV, and there were even comments by the author like “serves him right” and “no, you’re doing it wrong” in the middle of the story that really breaks the immersion. What’s worse is that more often than not, they are also doing these in the middle of the sex scenes, which would really be a big turn-off for the readers if I translated it as it is. Like, author, can you just dump that massive backdrop and commentary after the sex scene? There is also the fact that the author tries so hard to make the sentences sound more lewd by adding more erotic words in it, only for it to backfire and sound weird in the end. There are also many times that for some reason, Schild forgets what happened/acts like nothing has happened in certain events of the story, making him like a clueless bufoon with a memory of a chicken. It was a disaster. It was exhausting.

But I did it. I improved the novel to a barely acceptable level, removing the “unreliable narrator” tag completely, or at the very least, I was able to revise it to a tolerable level. Like, damn, I did all that?

Anyways, because of these “overhauls”, several points have been altered from the original raws, so don’t be shocked when the story here would bear no similarities when the story gets adopted in the Light novel version, or the manga. Like the armor of Carney in the first chapters, for example. Treat this more as my “edition” of the novel.

By the way, the novel is now adapted into a manga version. It covers Schild’s arrival in the capital+Lirica, Carney’s debut, and the slaying of the Octolov. It has 4 chapters as of writing this post.

You may check it out below. Be informed, though, as this is the manga version, so the story will differ as many details would be changed/cut off to fit better in the manga format, that and also the changes I made to the plot to suit the readers.

Again, thank you very much for supporting me in my work. See you guys in my next novel translation projects.

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