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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Extra Stories Chapter 7

Extra Chapters ・ For the Commemoration of the Release of the Second Book of the Light Novel Version

Chapter 7 – Committing the Female Property Owner, Argolina 1

Starting from her upper body, Argolina continued to strip her clothes until she was fully naked.

She did this just to have sex with Schild.

The woman who usually appears in all kinds of public places, dressed in luxurious clothes, has now exposed these breasts and ass in front of Schild alone.

“…come. For this night, these boobs, too, are for you to squeeze alone♡♡”

Argolina said provocatively.

“Not only that, but this ass here is also free for you to fondle, and this pussy is here for you to fuck your cock in it… all of it, ready for you to serve♡♡”

Argolina is 31 years old. As much to say, she is still in her prime.

To show this, her tits and buttocks are full of fat, a clear indication that she was fully ripe to eat.


Her ample breasts were as large as mountains, and her ass was heavy and plump.

And yet, her entire body, including her waist, was tight and firm, with no loose muscles as if she was born to attract men.

As one would guess from her position as a wealthy person, she must have spent a great deal of fortune and time, not just effort, to polish her body.

“Do you do this all the time?”

Schild said as he buried his face in her big tits.

He could smell the thick scent of a woman.

“What do you mean by that?”

“This. Using your body to negotiate.”

“Are you underestimating me? As if I could stoop myself to the level of a whore!?”

“Isn’t that what you are doing right now?”

“T-this is a special case. I’m maybe not showing it right now, but I have confidence in my abilities as a businesswoman. Just look around you. I mean, managing this resort alone requires a lot of skills, you know? It cannot be earned just by swaying your hips above a man’s cock.”

Argolina spoke in indignance, though she was exactly doing the “swaying your hips above a man’s cock” part. If you ar e a ble to r ead th is me ss age, y ou are r ea ding fr om an unau tho rized ag greg ate si te. R ead at my Wo rd Press at stab bing wi th a syr inge. ho me. blo g to su pp ort me and my t ransl ati ons.

“But you, you are special. Not only do I want you to keep my secrets, but I’m also interested in you for some reason. My businesswoman’s instincts are telling me so. That’s why I’m eager to bring you on board, even if it means using my precious parts to do it.”

“Precious parts?”

“Yes, yes. I know.”

Argolina opened her legs wide at Schild’s behest, exposing her most embarrassing parts as she spoke.

“Not ‘precious parts’ but pussy♡♡ Can you see my wet pussy? It wants your cock so bad♡♡ You want to put your cock in it, right♡♡ I know you want it♡♡ Very well, I will give that right to you♡♡ From this point onwards, you now have the right to fuck the pussy of this wealthy Argolina♡♡ Only you, and you alone♡♡ And anytime and anywhere as well♡♡ You don’t even have to ask for permission♡♡”

Argolina’s pussy was glistening wet.

It was wet and steamy, with lewdness like that of an insectivorous plant.

The ‘mouth’ was even gaping as if begging to be fed by a prey as soon as possible.

“Hey, hurry up♡♡ I can’t wait for your cock anymore♡♡ Rape me, the ruler of this city, a powerhouse with a deep influence in this city’s politics, with your massive cock♡♡ Strip the proud woman who is so demure on the surface, naked, and violate her tits, ass, and pussy, and bring her to her knees♡♡ Feel free to enjoy me as you like♡♡”


Schild, of course, couldn’t leave himself in place, seeing the woman wiggling her ass in front of him in a greedy manner.

So he now intends to penetrate his member deep inside her vagina as quickly as possible, the same vagina which is now fully in the heat of their actions earlier.

As Schild’s penis would always do.

“Come on, come on♡♡ Fuck mee♡♡ Fuck me deep in my pussy♡♡”

Argolina kept on provoking Schild.

Soon, between the base of her right and left thighs, at the hole at the center, he aimed his cock in it and pushed forward.

“Ahuuuuuuuuuuhh♡♡ Finallyyyyy♡♡♡♡”

Argolina screamed in agony and delight as Schild dived into the multiple folds of flesh and reached all the way to the end.


With this, Schild has taken the chastity of the city’s biggest bigshot and most powerful woman.

“It came iin♡♡ All of it came innn♡♡ How is it♡♡ Feels better than any pussy you’ve ever fucked, right♡♡”

“Well, we’ll see about that after this.”

“Ohiiieeenn♡♡ Nohooooo♡♡♡♡”

The hips began to move.

Schild went relentless right from the start.

He just thrust with all his might, without regard to the rule of three shallow and one deep thrust, as if he wanted to bury the head of his penis into the depths of the woman’s womb.

“Ohooo♡♡ Nhohoo♡♡ Oooooooh♡♡♡♡ You’re really coming in strong♡♡ I feel like I’m a virgin again♡♡”

At first, Argolina could afford it, but the force of Schild’s thrusts soon overwhelmed her, and she was screaming.

This was because the other party was Schild, who had strength comparable to a monster or could even surpass one, as he was known to smash a monster with a single blow.

The impact was like being hit by a crushing hammer, and Argolina’s womb was soon about to burst from the opening.

“Incredible…♡♡ I’ve never had sex like this… To think having forceful sex would also be this good…♡♡♡♡”

“Does it mean that up until now, you’ve only had those weak-looking sex of the high-class?”

“Yesh♡♡ Only those cocks from sinister people that brags their “techniques” in bed♡♡ But because I have tasted this, I now know that they are nothing but lies♡♡ They’re nothing compared to the sex with a powerful subjugator like you♡♡♡♡”

Argolina was already at the mercy of the plunges that almost changed the shape of her vagina.

Her reaction was that of a young girl.

Not only that, but she was also spreading her legs wide open to the limit of her hip joints, a position to receive the penis up to the base of her body. This ch ap ter tran slat ion is ma de poss ible by s tab bing wi th a syr i nge tr ansl ations. ch eck o nly up -to-da te transla ti ons on my Wor dpre s si te.

A pose of complete submission.

She was doing that to Schild.

It was like a castellan opening their castle gates to welcome the invader inside.

“Ohiiiiieeee♡♡ Ahhnoooooooooooooo♡♡ So good♡♡ Your cock is sho good♡♡♡♡

Schild is not just a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

During his journey, he has also fucked dozens, if not hundreds, of women in his career, making him have a knack for debauchery even with the most sophisticated female authority figures.

He has the power and skill, which is the basis of his pride, not to mention his undaunting behavior toward Argolina.

An attitude of dominating the other party, overruling them in the end.

An attitude of a strong king.

“Wiggle your ass more, or I’ll crush your tits.”

“Ohoooooooooo♡♡ It’s getting crushed♡♡ He’s grabbing my boobs so hard♡♡ He’s really intending to crush meee♡♡♡♡”

As Schild had ordered, Argolina wiggled her hips as if begging for forgiveness.

Violently and inexhaustibly.

There was not a shred of decency left in her movements as she flirted with the man.

“Say something nasty. And while at it, use your whole body to arouse me.”


“So good♡♡ Yes♡♡ Fuck me♡♡ Fuck my pussy more♡♡ Fuck this Argolina, the de facto ruler of this city, with your strong cock, and make her lose herself from iiiit♡♡♡♡”

Stimulated by these nasty words, Schild’s hips moved more and more vigorously.

To the point that it broke through the opening of Argolina’s cervix and almost entered her womb.

“OOuuuuggghhh♡♡ I’m cumminnngg♡♡ My pussy is cummiiiinnnggg♡♡♡♡”

The rich woman’s hips trembled in a subtle, almost convulsive manner.

Whether she was close to climax or had already climaxed, only she or Schild would know.

Even if she isn’t, as long as he kept on gouging her vagina, Algolina would reach orgasmic bliss in less than two or three seconds.



Schild withdrew his penis just as she was on the verge of climax.

Now, only emptiness remained in the low-widened hole.

“Why? Why did you pull out your penis? I was so close to cumming. I could have had a climax I’ve never tasted before…!?”

Argolina clutched at Schild in confusion.

“Y-you’ll put it in me again, right? I can’t hold on much longer. Please, stop teasing me and make my pussy cum with your cock like you did before!!”

Crawling on the floor of her office, the site of the sexual act, Argolina clutches at Schild naked.

Schild looks down at the poor naked woman with his erect penis still protruding.

“What do I do? What do I have to do to get you to fuck me again? I’ll do anything. Do you want to masturbate? I could pee in my crotch right here! Or is it my asshole? Here, please look at it, stare at it as much as you want♡♡♡♡”

Argolina not only declared but actually played with her pubic area with her own hands, spraying the floor of her office with a little water. She also went to the trouble of spreading the hole in the center of her buttocks for Schild to see.


The response she got, however, was indifference.

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