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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Extra Stories Chapter 3

Extra Chapters ・ For the Commemoration of the Release of the Second Book of the Light Novel Version

Chapter 3 – A Woman Who Opens Her Legs for Credit 1

Schild was not able to confirm the details of the request because he got off halfway through.

So he did not know what kind of monster was underwater.

But suddenly, a column of water rose from the surface of the sea.

To this, Schild was able to get a general idea of what was happening.

“Bassborer… that’s a nasty one!”

The Bassborer is a fish-like monster but very large, more than twice the size of a human.

But it was not its huge size that made it truly terrifying, but rather its unorthodox attack methods.

Bassborer would suck in seawater once through its large mouth.

Once it sucks into its limit, it does not spit it out through the same mouth. It spurts it out through a small hole in its forehead with tremendous force.

By spewing an extraordinary amount of water out of the small hole, a tremendous water jet is generated.

The super jet is said to have enough power to crush everything in its path; if it hits a solid object, it can break it into pieces.


There was no doubt that the column of water rising from the surface of the sea was the huge jet of water from Bassborer.

If so, what was the target of the jet?

“Wait. If it does that, then something is fighting it!?”

Bassborer’s water jets are only used as a means of attack.

As such, it is aimed only at those who are trying to harm it. Schild has yet to hear of any other use of the jet yet.

“There they are!”

After wading through the sea with great effort, he confirmed that there was indeed a strange shape in the water.

And just as he had guessed, it was a Bassborer.

It was a fish with an unusually enlarged frontal lobe of its body, using this frontal part as a turret.

And that was not all he found.

“That guy is also here!”

The female Subjugator who called herself Bram.

She was floating helplessly in the sea. She did not appear to be conscious.

“Don’t tell me you took a direct hit from the monster’s water jet ……?”

Schild panicked at first but came to his senses right away. After all, if she really had been hit, her body would have been dismembered by now.

She probably avoided it just in time, but the aftermath was too much to avoid, and she was swept away, losing consciousness from the impact. If yo u a re a ble to re ad this m essa ge, yo u are rea di ng fro m an unaut horiz ed agg rega te si te. Rea d at my Word P res s at st ab bing wi th a sy r inge. ho me. blo g to su pp ort me and my tran slat ions.

Even though she was found to be alive, Schild still could not rest easy.

For the Bassborer immediately inhaled a large gulp of seawater in an attempt to fire a second shot to finish her off.

“I won’t let you do it!”

Schild swam.

He moved through the water at speed unmatched by ordinary people.

Thanks to this, he was able to get into Bassborer’s bosom before the second shot was released.

Schild immediately put his fist into the spout, which was also the mouth of the cannon. Then, he plugged the spout with his fist.

Because of this, the water jet did not happen, as the water couldn’t escape the small opening. However, because the process was already midway, the bassborer could not stop pumping water in its head, and soon after…

The head exploded by itself.

 The Bassborer, the sea-dwelling monster, was cruelly torn apart by the outburst caused by its strongest weapon.

“Ahh, that was tiring.”

Schild emerges from the sea.

Although he was heavily covered in blood when the monster exploded, it was all washed away as he swam in the sea.

In fact, there is not even a scratch on his knuckles that blocked the spout.

Beside her was Bram, the female Subjugator.

“Still unconscious, huh. Well, just to make sure…”


Schild gave Bram an artificial respiration technique that he had learned long ago.

He put his mouth over the other party’s and pumped air into her body.

“Mm, mlem, mmmhh…”

Together with the artificial respiration, Schild licked her mouth.

Not only her mouth but also her tongue, teeth, and underside.

As if his efforts were repaid, Bram immediately came up for air.

“Mmpphh……cough, cough, cough… What!? Where!?”

Bram awoke and regained consciousness.

She seemed surprised to find herself on land.

“What? When did I go back on land!? I was fighting the monster a while ago!?”

“You’re lucky you survived.”

“Ahhh! You are…!!”

She awoke in earnest when she saw Schild’s face.

“Why are you here? What about the monster? Huh?”

“First of all, calm down…”

Schild from here explained to the unconscious woman in great detail what happened.

The huge column of water rising.

The disturbance he felt, how he rushed to the site, and now he found vicious monster Bassbore and Bram, unconscious and drifting like algae.

Of course, Schild explained his bold fight against the monster by himself, where the narration had a 30% increase in his own words.

“No way…!? Then, I didn’t finish the monster!?”

“Your life has just been saved, you know! You should consider yourself lucky! What kind of a monster subjugator are you if you don’t even value your life!”

“That’s not how it works! If I’m not the one who has gotten the monster, the rewards will be…!! And if I don’t… then I’ll lose my… hey!”


Suddenly, Bram made an expression as if she was clinging her hopes on him, which puzzled Schild. T is cha pte r tran sla tion is mad e po ssi ble by st ab bing w ith a s yr inge tra nslat ions. ch eck only u p-to- da te tr ansl ati ons on my Wor dp ress si te.

“I have a favor to ask. Can you… pretend that I killed the monster? Just this one time.”

“But even if you tell me that…”

Even though it was a spur-of-the-moment response, the monster was reduced to a pile of flesh.

Because of this, the subjugation of the monster itself would be difficult to prove, even more on tracing who or what killed it.

“Please! I’ll give you anything!”

“Why all the trouble?”

It’s probably because they want to be remembered by the local wealthy people so badly.

“But “you’ll give me anything”, huh. In that case…”

Schild looked around.

It was almost the same spot where he had jumped into the sea, and unconsciously, he returned to that exact same spot.

This was also where Schild had had sex with a young lady whose name he did not even know, but of course, she was no longer there.

She had probably gone home by now.

“If I had just stayed, I would still be enjoying great sex with that beautiful young lady right now! repeatedly until morning!”



“That’s why I want a replacement.”

Schild began again.

“I want a woman who will have sex with me all night long in her place. I don’t care if she’s beautiful or ugly. All I want is her pussy to comfort my cock throughout the night.”


Bram was unnaturally puzzled.

Regarding Subjugators, both men and women are open about sex, but it seems that Bram is a novice about these things.

As evidence, she couldn’t even respond properly to such a rash request.

Should she bring a prostitute from somewhere?

But Schild was already too impatient to search for that kind of thing.

His libido from the interrupted sex and the fierce battle was already about to burst, leaving him no time to spare. However, because he had no contact with any prostitutes here, he had to search on foot again.

If that was the case, what other options did he have?

“O-okay! If that’s what you want…!”

Bram has decided.

“I’ll… let you use my body. You can have sex with me. In exchange, give me the credit for taking down the monster!”

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