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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Extra Stories Chapter 2

Extra Chapters ・ For the Commemoration of the Release of the Second Book of the Light Novel Version

Chapter 2 – Thrill-Seeking on the Beach 2

“You’re still here?”

Because it was already late when he walked away, Schild missed his trip to the next town.

So Schild had no choice but to stay in the resort the haughty businesswoman owned for the day.

He is currently strolling on the luxury resort in question.

At his side was Bram, his fellow subjugator, who had been dispatched from a different branch.

She was a professional, and her eyes were sharp.

“Am I interrupting anything?”

“No. I was just surprised. The client deliberately made a duplicate request, after all. Though I was relieved you pulled out before things got out of hand.”

The female subjugator was standing on the beach with a spear, which seemed to be her signature weapon.

No, it was a harpoon, not a spear.

Her clothes are light and revealing and seem to be intended to walk into the water undisturbed.


Was this in preparation for the content of this request?

“Well, even if you hadn’t backed out, the job would still have been mine.”

“Quite that confident, huh?”

“My main field is the sea. I’m sorry to say this, but just by looking at you, I could already tell that you seem to know nothing but the ground. Thus, you are no match for me.”

“Well, the sea is a wide place.”

The land and the sea.

If the environment changes drastically, the tone of the people who live there will also change.

The monsters that inhabit the sea have a different ecology and characteristics than those on the ground. Veteran adventurers share a common understanding that if they fight them like those on land, they will surely die.

Even before that, underwater battles were completely different from those on the ground.

For this reason, the guild near the coasts has a specific subjugator branch specializing in sea battles.

Schild took another look at the appearance of Bram, a female fighter, and guessed that she was also such a specialist. If you ar e ab le to re ad this mes sa ge, you ar e rea ding from an una uth orized aggr egat e s ite. Re ad at my W ord Pre ss at st ab bing with a sy rin ge. hom e. blo g to sup port me and my trans la tions.

Specialists that have chosen the sea as their main battlefield.



“Has anyone told you that… the attire you’re having, you could be mistaken for a whore?”

“This attire is for the sea! It’s only natural that I wear less for ease of movement!”

“And I see too that you’re good at handling “spears” that are thick and long.”

“What was that supposed to mean… wait, are you harassing me? Also, this isn’t a spear but a harpoon!”

“Right, a harpoon… and you’re good at handling it?”

“Can I hit you? No, I’m going to hit you.”

“Anyways, good luck tomorrow. Hope you deal with the monsters that were said to appear on the beaches.”

“Thank you?”

But to his message, the other subjugator became puzzled about something.

“By the way, why are you still in this luxurious resort when you’re supposed to be off now that you have rejected the offer?”

“Well, I came a long way to reach this city. I thought it would be a waste if I didn’t pick up a girl on this beach and have sex with her while enjoying the scenery of this beach before going home.”

“You’re the worst.”

“Again, wish you luck.”


After this, Schild separated from the female subjugator to avoid disturbing her at work.

He has already checked in the lodging directly managed by the haughty resort owner, not as a hired muscle but as a guest.

Schild is a strong and powerful subjugator who is always taking high-risk high-paying jobs, so his pockets are warm enough to pay for a day of a luxury stay.

The only thing that was lacking in his room was a random female beachgoer that he could enjoy having sex with.

The beach was open for business as usual, despite claims of monster appearances, and the resort was crowded with visitors, both on the shore and in the water.

Schild approached one of the ladies, who seemed to have a lot of free time on her hands, and after a brief conversation, he invited her to an unpopulated rocky area.

After ensuring no sign of anyone around, Schild took off his partner’s bathing suit.

Her round, white buttocks were exposed under the blue sky.

“Ahieeeeenn♡♡ Yes, Fuck me deep♡♡ Fuck my pussy with that big, hard dick♡♡ I knew it, the best tourist attraction here is having sex with fellow beachgoers♡♡♡♡”

The sun-lit outdoors, the sound of waves ramming close, and the sound of a slapping ass.

The juice-soaked phallus repeatedly sliding in and out of the meat hole underneath the woman’s body.

As well as the bathing suits, which would only take two pulls for a woman to be completely naked, as they only consist of two pieces of clothing in them.

“Go on, misterr♡♡ Don’t hold back♡♡ Ahh, I’m having sex with a man even though I don’t even know him♡♡ This is a feeling of liberation that I cannot taste while I’m in the mansion♡♡♡♡”

Since the other party was a guest at the high-class beach resort, she must also be an upper-class lady.

Yet this same lady is now rippling her ass like waves to Schild.

“Mmmmhh♡♡ Usually, I would always be sent several invitations and offers from my fellow classmates at the college♡♡ But what they didn’t know is that I am an easy whore who loves her pussy to be fucked at tourist spots by people I don’t know♡♡♡♡ A wench who opens her legs for anyone♡♡ I cock-loving meat urinal♡♡♡♡”

The lady had a youthful and lively body which showed she had been raised with great care and was of premium quality all the way to the depths of her vagina. And yet… Th is cha pter tran slati on is ma de pos sib le by st abb ing wit h a syr inge tra nslat ions. che ck only up-t o-da t e transl ati ons on m y Wor dpre ss si te.

“I’m sorry, Father♡♡ I’m sorry, grandpa♡♡ I’m having sex with a stranger right now, which I’m only allowed to do with my future husband♡♡ I love the luxurious beaches♡♡♡♡ I can swim, tan my skin and have hot sex♡♡ And sex with strangers are the best♡♡♡♡”

“You must be a nympho young lady, coming all the way to the danger zone just to have sex.”

The pleasure of sex made the upper-class lady widen and contract her insides, to which Schild couldn’t help but comment the above as he watched her lose it.

This is also the same for his completely rigid cock, which has now settled inside the vagina, expanding its size as it enjoyed the woman’s taste to the fullest.

“Ehh♡♡ What do you mean by that♡♡”

“By what?”

“This is the safest tourist spot in the country, isn’t it? Even my father recommended it to me as a destination for a long vacation because it’s safe and free from danger……♡♡”

“Not at all safe when it comes to protecting your chastity, though.”

Schild himself said, jeopardizing the young lady’s purity.

And at the same time, he had his doubts.

According to the female property owner he just met, this beach is supposed to be infested with monsters and is in a dangerous state.

And yet, the beachgoers have not been informed of the danger.

They are still enjoying the beach as if it were safe and comfortable.


Still, despite the suspicion of what was going on, Schild, being Schild, was more concerned about ejaculating into the vagina of this young lady on vacation.

Splurt, splurt, splurt, splurt, splurt.

“Ohohooooh♡♡ I’m getting a lot of semen inside my pussy♡♡♡♡ My pussy is getting pumped in lots and lots♡♡♡♡”

It wasn’t just the young lady. Schild, too, shivered in the aftermath of his ejaculation and the young lady’s climax on him.

“……Aaahh♡♡ Your cock sure pumped inside me a lot♡♡ How is it, care to have another round in my room♡♡”

“Sorry, I couldn’t understand. Could you repeat that again? This time a bit lewder.”

“Hyaaaan♡♡ You are so mean to me, even though I’m a daughter of a minister♡♡ Fine♡♡ You see, after I graduate from the university, I will get married to my fiancé and will have his cum to be poured inside this pussy♡♡ Therefore, before that happens, I want to enjoy myself of illicit sex while I still can♡♡ That’s why I’m begging you. While I’m still free, please fuck my fire-playing pussy hard and pump it up with lots of your jizz♡♡”

“With p-…huh?”

Just as Schild was about to take her up on her offer and enjoy her skin until the next morning, off the coast and into the sea, he noticed a large column of water rising.

“What is it?”

“Are they doing some new marine sport?”

The young lady asked, carefree with semen dripping from her crotch.

But Schild’s reaction was different.

His fighter instincts were immediately aroused.

“Regretfully, young lady, it seems we’re not going to have that leisurely sex you wish for.”

“Eh? Uh, why is that, mister…!?”

Before he could hear the continuation of the young lady’s sentence, Schild had already separated from her, leaping from his spot and jumping into the sea at once.

Then, he swam at the end of that rising column of water, where that female subjugator he met is supposed to be there and fighting.

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