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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Extra Stories Chapter 1

Extra Chapters ・ For the Commemoration of the Release of the Second Book of the Light Novel Version

Chapter 1 – Thrill-Seeking on the Beach 1

This story occurs much earlier before Schild’s arrival in the royal capital.

“So, you claim you are the strongest subjugator in the area, isn’t that right?”

Schild was spoken in a high-handed tone as soon as he arrived.

The other party was a woman dressed in haute couture clothes as if she was deliberately showing off her wealthy upbringing.


“I’m not interested in being anything but the best. If you lie to me, I will stop all the aid I am giving to the guild branch.”

“Was that really necessary? To say such thing to me, a subjugator…” Schild was screaming this at the back of his mind.

But he was unable to because today’s client had stunned him speechless with their arrogance.

“Even if you don’t give such conditions for your request, as long as it is an order to subjugate monsters, the guild would always do their best. That is their job.”

“It’s not enough to just do your best. What I need are results. Excellent results. If I can’t get the results I want, then your best efforts will be the same as the worst ones. Think of this job as if your life depended on it, and work hard at it. Is that clear?”

“That’s one heck of an arrogance in this woman, even more than I was expecting,” Schild thought, without saying it out loud. If y ou a re ab le to re ad th is mes s age, y ou ar e r ead ing fr om an unau tho rized ag gr egate sit e. Re ad at my Word Pr ess at sta bb ing wit h a s yr ing e. ho me. b log to su ppo rt me and my tra nslati ons.

Schild is currently staying at a local guild branch very far from the royal capital.

Because of their distance from the center, the guild operated autonomously, and the capital had little to almost no influence. Instead, they depended on their ties with the local lords and wealthy people of the region for their needs.

The person Schild is dealing with currently was one of those wealthy people who is practically in charge of this area, making her one of the influential people in the guild he is staying in right now.

Her name is Argolina.

Although she is a woman, she is a powerful businesswoman who has amassed a huge fortune in this commercially prosperous area even though it is far from the capital.

As such, the autonomously-operating Subjugators’ Guild Branch cannot ignore a direct request from her.

“… It’s common for subjugators to put their lives on the line for their job. But that is only after they’ve been taught exactly what the job entails.”

“Oh? Does that mean you haven’t heard anything?”

“I have been told I will hear the details from you soon as I come here.”

When Schild, unafraid, retorted this, the wealthy woman, Argolina, smiled wryly. Then…

“I see that they are able to maintain at least a degree of confidentiality, despite being a backwater branch. Well, since they have told you this, at the very least, they think you are qualified to work for me. Okay, I’ll tell you.”

The request was, as expected, to exterminate and defeat monsters.

This was no surprise since it was a job brought to the Subjugators Guild.

“The most prosperous area in our Argolina territory is a luxury beach resort in this city of Rivasa.”

“A beach resort, huh…”

But it isn’t just a beach resort, as Schild monotonously said. This resort facility is also the highlight of the tourist city that it could even be said their primary source of income.

Favored by aristocrats and the wealthy, it is one of the best tourist destinations in the kingdom. It has crystal-clear water, white sand, and natural resources, and combined with first-class lodging and staff services, it created a haven for the upper classes that anyone would love to be in.


“The climate is warm here, so we have guests all year round. Nobles, royalty, millionaires, and cultural figures all come here. The beach is the jewel of the city of Rivasa, or rather the district, or even the whole country!”

“But I heard that monsters have started to appear there…”

Schild pointed this to her, and the wealthy woman made a sullen face.

“Yes, unfortunately… Why, oh why! Why does it have to be my pristine beaches! Why would it be on the country’s finest, cleanest, most beautiful resort! Why not somewhere else!”

Why indeed? Well, monsters are dangerous creatures that like to attack people.

Thus, it was maybe because of the increased human activity in the area that they started popping up.

Nevertheless, it would be a threat to the survival of the tourist attraction if such things were to roam around.

One day without operation could cause millions of money to be lost overnight.

“As such, I request to exterminate these monsters as quickly as possible! Before the bad rumors of monster appearances starts to spread!”

“Right, right.”

“I order you. No, I command you to destroy these monsters to save my finest beach! Every last bit of them!“

“How about a no?”


Schild almost accepted the request, only to pull himself back at the last second.

“I don’t like your attitude.”

Schild is a member of a guild, but he is basically a wanderer who roams around the world.

In other words, He is not bound by ties and does not yield to the authority of the locals.

“I can turn down a job I don’t like, and you have no right to “order” me or “command” me what to do, especially at my expertise where I know what’s best. This is, after all, a request.”

“What a tiresome quibbler you are! Okay, if that’s what you want, I won’t have to ask you to do it. The other one, come in!”

Argolina, the wealthy woman, shouted at the door.

She and Schild are in her office right now, and when she called, someone opened the door connecting the inside and outside and entered. Th is ch apter tra nsla tion is ma de pos si ble by st abb ing wi th a sy r inge tran slati ons. chec k on ly up-t o-date tr ansla tions on my Wor d press si te.


The person who entered was a young woman.

Judging by her appearance and body, it was easy to tell that she was making money through rough trade. Her arms and legs bulged with muscles, and her navel-baring attire revealed her ripped abs.

Her skin was healthy and tanned, and her eyes were full of vigor.

“Good thing I called in from another guild, just in case. Meet Bram, another subjugator like you! And unlike you, she accepted my request with open arms!”


Argolina, the wealthy woman, said triumphantly as she set aside the female fighter who had come out.

“Issuing multiple requests of the same content is a serious violation of the rules, you know?”

“I don’t care! As long as my beach and reputation are protected, I don’t care about anything else!”

“Then I’m afraid I will have to officially decline your request.”

It was an appalling situation for subjugators to find out that they had accepted what they could call a duplicate request with the same content.

The reason is that if they found out that they weren’t the only ones in the job, they would start competing for credit, risking more accidents in the field.

It was also an important role of the guild to manage the requests and to avoid this situation, as it would also result in an improper division of workforce.

“Seeing this is a duplicate request, have the lady over there take care of the monster extermination. I’m going home.”

“You’re useless. Fine, I’ll make sure to complain you to your guild branch later.”

The negotiations broke down, and just like that, Schild left.

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