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Reincarnated Elf Prince v1c5

Hi guys! There is the update of Harem Tales of Reincarnated Elf Prince! Sadly, no 18+ scenes on this chapter, but a bit of a plot progress. So, onward to chapter 5!

Reincarnated Elf Prince v1c4

Hi guys! Here is your update of the Harem Tales of Reinarnated Elf Prince! See chapter 4 of volume 1 here! Again, this chapter is not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18 years of age and above to view and read this novel. This novel is not safe for work. Be aware.

Reincarnated Elf Prince v1c3

Hi guys! Here is the Chapter 3 of Harem Tales of a Reincarnated Elf Prince! Also, I added some illustrations and updated them in some chapters (only one though, at Prologue 2/2). Be sure to check them out! Please note that this works contain images and words not safe for work. You must be 18Continue reading “Reincarnated Elf Prince v1c3”