I, Reborn as A Holy Knight, Will Work Hard to Make Babies to Revive the Other World (Remake) Prologue 1 – NEW NOVEL!

Hello guys! With After being Abandoned, the Bastard of the Royal Family turned out to be the Strongest, and is now Embracing every Woman with He Likes with his Extraordinary Prowess nearing its end, it’s time for me to start a new project again~!

To be honest, I was eyeing this one for a while now. This, if you haven’t noticed, its novel’s author is Hochi, who is also the same author of “What!? Failure to Transition!?…Success!?”. This is also the author’s first work, though it is technically third as this is the revised version, hence the (remake) part.

I decided to choose a heartwarming novel this time, with better pacing and everything to reduce my time editing things (I hope. Well, it’s a remake, so this should be true, right?). Anyways, this novel will replace “Adjutant in another World” which will be put in a regular release(5 chapters/week) as soon as all chapters of “Abandoned Royal Bastard” is fully released in my WordPress. But expect that novel too to finish soon as it is fairly short, compared to “Abandoned Bastard”, coz believe it or not, we’re already halfway in that novel.

The first two parts of the prologue is out. Enjoy~.

PS. As of this moment, this novel is my 3rd priority, so don’t expect simultaneous release yet, but I will update this from time to time.

For now, below is the synopsis, which you can also see in the Translated Projects tab on the menu above.

I, Reborn as A Holy Knight, Will Work Hard to Make Babies to Revive the Other World (Remake)

A man loses his life in a “technobreak” (over-masturbation) and wakes up in a strange room. There he meets a beautiful woman of his fantasies who calls herself the Goddess of Fertility. According to the goddess, she wanted a “mature, unadulterated soul (i.e., the soul of an elderly virgin)”, and the man’s soul matched exactly what the goddess sought. The goddess said that she wanted him to reincarnate as a handsome, well-endowed, slim macho man in a world devastated by the evil gods, and, together with her blessing of fertility and prosperity, help her revive the world. In a nutshell, his task was to help repopulate the world. And as a rehearsal, she and the goddess had an affair right away.

It’s a classic story of an elderly virgin reincarnated as a handsome cheat-like being. He tries hard to have children of various races while solving their problems left and right.

This is the rewritten version of the author’s very first novel. The author is Hochi, the same author of “What, Failure to Transition!?…Success!?”.

And here is the Prologue 1 of the NOVEL! Prologue 2 will follow soon~!

This chapter contains words, phrases, images, and scenes not suitable for young audiences. You must be 18+ years old to proceed. Not safe for work. Be aware.

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